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Car Repairs in Tilbury | Your Questions Answered

Because we operate from premises on Tilbury Docks, many of the customers who use us for car servicing, car repairs and Class IV MOTs come from Tilbury itself. Good garages like our own always welcome customers from the surrounding areas, however, and our mechanics also provide services – including clutch repairs, exhaust repairs and engine diagnostics – for motorists from across the wider Essex area and other surrounding parts of the South East.


Most new customers from Tilbury come to us with questions and it makes sense that they’d like to find out a little more about our mechanics and our services before making a decision to use us. Below, we’ve answered a handful of the more frequently-asked questions we receive in the hope that they provide some valuable assistance to you and your vehicle.


What makes you different from dealership garages?

Our independent status has very little impact on motorists from Tilbury because the standards we achieve with car servicing and car repairs match those you’d normally expect from a main dealership. Block Exemption 2003 guidelines give independent garages the chance to compete against workshops with important manufacturer backing but they must be able to deliver servicing and repair work which complies with manufacturer schedules.


The mechanics at Dry Dock Autos match main dealerships in every department and the only significant difference with independent garages reflects in the lower prices they charge.


Will your car repairs be less specialised if you work on different models?

No. The mechanics at Dry Dock Autos of Tilbury have many years of combined experience including dealership training. Furthermore, all of our mechanics understand the correct procedures for car repairs on different makes and models so you’ll always receive the same standards of workmanship at independent garages as you would from a dealership.


To reinforce this, we guarantee our car repairs for 12 months or 12,000 miles.


How often do I need book in for car servicing?

We advise you to book in for full car servicing at our workshop on Tilbury Docks every year or ever 12,000 miles, whichever happens to come sooner. We also recommend interim car servicing every 6 months or every 6,000 miles. Interim servicing involves less work than a full service, and mainly consists of a filter change, an oil change and a series of small checks.


Full car servicing covers many more points and is a full health check for your vehicle.


Do you perform engine diagnostics?

Yes. Like all reputable garages in Tilbury and Essex, we know how important it is to invest in modern tooling and equipment. Engine diagnostics help our mechanics to retrieve stored electrical subsystem fault codes quickly, and the results of a diagnostic check usually result in the faster recommendation of appropriate car repairs to resolve any issues.


We recommend that you book in for engine diagnostics whenever warning lights appear on the dashboard, or when your vehicle isn’t running as well as it should.


Can I book in for Class IV MOTs at Dry Dock Autos?

Yes. We have approval from the DVSA to perform Class IV MOTs at our Tilbury workshop. Dry Dock Autos has a dedicated inspection area to ensure a faster turnaround on MOT tests. When cars fail MOTs, we contact the customer immediately and inform them of any car repairs needed. Subject to their consent, we usually perform these repairs on the same day.


Cars that fail Class IV MOTs quality for free retesting subject to criteria and timeframes.


I’ve noticed slipping when I change gear. Do I need to book in for clutch repairs?

Possibly, but the very first step is to come down to our workshop for an inspection. In some cases, clutch repairs will only require some simple adjustments while in others, our mechanics might replace the plate, the cable or the slave cylinder. Some of our Tilbury customers might even need a full kit replacement, which we can happily undertake.


Prompt clutch repairs reduce the strain on other important transmission parts. In turn, this lowers the potential cost of more significant car repairs in the future.


Do you undertake exhaust repairs too?

Yes. We remind Tilbury motorists that “exhaust repairs” are only a temporary fix and the best thing to consider is full or partial system replacement. Exhaust repairs arise because rust and fumes break down the integrity of metal. This results in ‘blowing’ or excess noise, and the smell of fumes which often result in nausea, headaches and feeling unwell.


Exhaust repairs mainly cover the replacement of the silencer box, the tailpipe or both but, in some cases, mechanics also work on the manifold connection and the catalytic convertor.

 Call Dry Dock Autos on 01375 858930 and book in for car repairs, car servicing or Class IV MOTs at our popular workshop in Tilbury.