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Car Servicing, Car Repairs and Engine Diagnostics in Tilbury

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Our service range includes:

  • Car Repairs
  • Car Servicing
  • Class IV MOTs
  • Engine Diagnostics
  • Brake Repairs
  • Clutch Repairs
  • Exhaust Repairs
  • Cam Belts
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • New Tyres
  • Car Batteries
  • Summer Checks
  • Winter Checks

Service benefits include:

  • Free Written Estimates
  • Expert Help and Advice
  • Fully Insured Company
  • Guaranteed Workmanship

Like all modern garages, Dry Dock Autos specialises in three key automotive services; car servicing, car repairs and Class IV MOTs. Full and interim car servicing at our Tilbury workshop focuses on scheduled maintenance while car repairs fall into several different categories such as brake and clutch repairs, exhaust repairs, engine diagnostics and mechanical troubleshooting. MOT testing is a standalone annual inspection service.


On this page, we provide a brief insight into the different types of work that we do but, if you would like to know more about car servicing, car repairs and Class IV MOTs, each of these services has separate pages on the website which provide greater clarification.


Customers in Tilbury and the surrounding Essex area can also call 01375 858930 if they would like to discuss a specific service with one of our mechanics.


Car Servicing – Full and interim car servicing provides motorists in and around Tilbury with six-monthly or annual maintenance to keep their vehicles running smoothly. Regular car servicing also slows down component wear, which subsequently reduces the need for more expensive forms of repair work in the future, and makes vehicles more economical to run.


At Dry Dock Autos, our workshop on Tilbury Docks meets the same car servicing standards as main dealerships in Essex, at a fairer price, without invalidating ongoing warranties.


Car Repairs – The field of car repairs is extensive but our mechanics have the ability to combine modern engine management tooling with traditional mechanical troubleshooting. In turn, our garage in Tilbury has the capacity to perform car repairs on a wider range of makes and models, covering everything from vintage classics to modern 4X4 vehicles.


Modern car repairs rely heavily on engine diagnostics, which we discuss below.


Engine Diagnostics – This particular service focuses on engine management, and engine diagnostics involve a series of checks our mechanics make using advanced code reading equipment. This equipment, which is the very backbone of engine diagnostics, has industry and manufacturer approval. We invest heavily into the latest tooling available to us.


During engine diagnostics, the team at our Tilbury Docks premises plug directly into the ECU of modern vehicles to retrieve stored fault codes. These codes identify the need for car repairs, and also help us to isolate the reasons behind dashboard warning lights.


Clutch Repairs – The transmission system on your vehicle needs to operate smoothly or the parts wear sooner. If you can feel different pedal characteristics when changing gear, or if the transition from one gear to another feels unnatural, you may need to visit our garage in Tilbury for clutch repairs. Often, this work involves a full replacement of the clutch plate.


Other clutch repairs include the replacement of the clutch cable or other components. Slipping, dragging and juddering all indicate potential clutch and transmission issues.


Exhaust Repairs – The exhaust system plays an important role in controlling emissions, reducing noise and improving fuel consumption. Full and partial exhaust repairs preserve the integrity of the system and, if undertaken promptly, eliminate the need for a full replacement. Call in to see us for a prompt inspection if you believe your exhaust is faulty.


Exhaust repairs include the replacement of worn fittings, which are often the cause of rattling noises and not necessarily representative of a fault with the exhaust pipe itself. If needed, we source replacement exhausts from suppliers in the Tilbury and Essex areas.


Class IV MOTs – MOT testing checks for safety and roadworthiness standards on any vehicle aged three years and over. Our Tilbury workshop undertakes Class IV MOTs, which cover annual inspections on passenger cars and LCVs. Dry Dock Autos is an approved DVSA testing facility with dedicated bays used for MOTs, and nothing else, for faster turnarounds.

Call Dry Dock Autos on 01375 858930 and book in for car servicing, engine diagnostics or clutch repairs at our popular workshop in Tilbury.