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Car Repairs in Tilbury from Dry Dock Autos

Regular car servicing preserves important engine parts and helps to reduce the potential for breakdowns. Unfortunately, the complexity of modern vehicles makes them more prone to certain issues, particularly through the engine subsystem. Engine diagnostics have grown to become a major service element in the field of car repairs, and continued investment into engine management equipment at our workshop in Tilbury reflects this.


Dry Dock Autos is the modern, progressive choice for car repairs and engine diagnostics, but our Tilbury and Essex customers also have the reassurance of knowing our mechanics have traditional mechanical troubleshooting skills too. If you need a genuinely local garage for brake repairs, clutch repairs, exhaust repairs or any other type of component replacement work, we’ll be here to help you. The customer always comes first at Dry Dock Autos.


Engine Diagnostics

If you own a modern vehicle, it will have an ECU fitted that allows our mechanic to access the electrical subsystem. Using specialist code reading equipment that plugs into the ECU port, our mechanics perform engine diagnostics. In effect, this equipment retrieves stored fault codes which we interpret for our Tilbury customers to recommend car repairs. The process is faster and more economical than traditional mechanical troubleshooting.


The first indicator that your vehicle needs engine diagnostics performing is a dashboard warning light. This indicates a stored fault in the electrical subsystem which only trained mechanics with the correct equipment can retrieve. Because the fault-finding process is that much quicker, the cost of car repairs is usually lower for Tilbury and Essex motorists.


The exception to this is when we uncover major faults during a diagnostics check.


Brake and Clutch Repairs

Brakes and clutches are two of the most frequently-used mechanical components on any vehicle so it makes sense that they’d wear a little sooner than other parts. The replacement of braking components is important when it comes to car repairs, and we advise our Tilbury and Essex customers to book in for new pads, discs or shoes as soon as they become aware of uncharacteristic actions or noises when slowing down or coming to a halt.


A difference in driving characteristics when changing gear usually points to the need for clutch repairs. Worn brakes and clutches make driving more hazardous and the mechanics at our workshop on Tilbury Docks recommend booking in for car repairs immediately as soon as potential issues become noticeable. Typical clutch repairs cover the replacement of the clutch plate, the cable, the slave cylinder or a combination of all three.


Sometimes, your vehicle may only need a few simple adjustments.


Exhaust Repairs

While exhaust repairs might suggest that ‘repairing’ the current system eliminates issues with performance, this is only the case when we exchange worn fittings that support the exhaust itself. In the overwhelming majority of cases, car repairs on the exhaust system require a full or partial replacement, usually of the silencer box, the tailpipe or both.


Dry Dock Autos of Tilbury uses a trusted supplier network in the Essex area to source the exhaust parts you need for a faster, more responsive service.


Exhaust repairs and replacements cover the silencer box, the tailpipe, manifold connections and, where applicable, the catalytic convertor. Corrosion and toxic waste combine to attack metal and this causes premature wear of exhaust components. We advise our Tilbury and Essex customers to book in for car repairs if they hear noisy blowing sounds, banging from underneath the vehicle or the smell of pungent fumes even from inside their cars.

Call Dry Dock Autos on 01375 858930 and book in for car repairs at our popular workshop on Tilbury Docks.